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Highly professional team providing quality services and specific technical support round the clock onshore, in port, and during travelling.

Our Services

We are an independent service provider, not a ship owner or a manufacturer. We bring value to our customers through a unique combination of clear strengths.

Ship Management

Underwater Hull Cleaning.

We provide high quality underwater hull cleaning services (uw hull cleaning) ensuring the customer a prolonged period away from ship’s drydock, saving time and money.”

Technical Services

Engineering And Consulting Service.

our in-house, qualified NDT technicians have a depth of knowledge and training that has allowed us to become one of the most respected providers of above-hull and at-height maintenance services in the region.

Crew Management

Inspection Certification And Training.

We offers ship operators a partnership in maritime training to ensure your seafarers have the skills they need for shipping today and in future.

Crew Services

Supply Chain And Logistics.

We have a lot of aluminum boats equipped for maximum safety which offer customers excellent flexibility in terms of capacity and speed. We are also well known for providing customised boats for companies with long term requirements.

Supply Chain

Waste Management And Pest Control.

Pest control on vessels is of major importance as pests such as rodents, cockroaches and mosquitoes are linked to the spread of international disease.

Supply Chain

Cruise Suppliers.

Cruise Ship Catering Suppliers provide supplying a complete range of commercial catering equipment and cruise ship catering suppliers.


Crew Management.

We believe that outstanding service comes from each individual’s effort to do their best for the customers. By combining expertise in our products and systems with worldwide service network and original parts, we support our customers throughout the vessel life time.

Marine Tankers

We set, measure and deliver industry-leading standards for safety, compliance, environmental protection and service quality.

40000 Seafarers

56 Offices

28 Countries

2000 Vessels

Our team is our greatest asset and are our competitive advantage. Built around a group of highly professional team with a wealth of combined experience focused on ensuring client specific requirements.

Provide highest quality service to our clients abiding the various international maritime regulations. We tailor our services to be client specific understanding their commercial and technical need, and aim to surpass their expectations in every stint offered to us.

We believe in transparency of each and every dealing carried out by Baba Shipping Services Limited and hope to achieve a better understanding of the various commercial and technical aspects of our clients.

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