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To Our Valued Customers:This is to inform everyone that Marine Tankers Offshore Servicer Supply is now open and ready to serve all of you! We are located at Djibouti City and operating 24hours 7 days. Our business offers everyone a complete, reasonable and great variety of Services, which can be utilized for business or personal application. We actually offer different Water supply services, Tanks cleaning, Bilge removal, Mechanical and electrical maintenance and repair, Spare part delivery, Crew change.We do not offer a product from a single manufacturer alone and this really makes us competitive. We offer you emergency repair works as well as fabrication engineering works onboard vessels calling Djibouti Port or plying along the Djibouti anchorage. All fabrication works are carried out in our workshop or by our riding crews that enable efficient repair and engineering works carried out during sea voyage. Our client’s range of food supplies is infinite: from local products to a great number of specialities from all over the world. Different food items are in our inventory. Our experienced purchasers and our constant quality controls ensure that our customers receive first-class quality products at competitive prices. On this advantage, our customers can discover various offered excellent product in which we are able to supply. We would like to thank everyone in advance and see you all!
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Marine Group Services has become one of the most trusted and well respected marine services organisations With longstanding client relationships spanning multiple sectors and geographies, we have built our expertise on a simple formula of high quality work, an expert in-house team and a commitment to the highest levels of safety and customer service possible. In collaboration with our associate companies we render specialised services to the vessels, shipping lines, Clearing & Forwarding houses, Importers & Exporters.At the heart of our Services, our people and our loyal customers remain the cornerstone of what we do. Whether a service is simple or complex, underwater or at-height, our priority at all times is the safety of our teams and those we work for.“Safety First” is ingrained in how we conduct our business and is core to our company culture. Given the nature of the complex sectors in which we work, our loyal customers hold this value highly, knowing they can trust we will resource a project with the most qualified, skilled and safety-minded professionals in the industry. Our Services understand that operating in- or near-water can be a complex and challenging task. Cofferdams in underwater ship repair not only require adequate planning, highly qualified and experienced diving personnel but also the correct assessment of environmental, safety and water management concerns as well as unpredictable weather conditions.
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Our certified and highly experienced teams with modern technology equipment guarantees excellent results in diving services and dry ship repairs.

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