Attracting, recruiting, training, deploying and developing highly skilled seafarers for your vessels is the core purpose of our crew management business. You can be assured we will offer your fleet the right mix of crew, with the right skillsets and competence, at the right time, to optimise your vessel and commercial performance. Operating from well-established Crew Management Centres around the world, we deal seamlessly with every aspect of crew management operations for every maritime segment, reducing your operating costs, and delivering world-class operations. Whether you require a single specialist seafarer, or a turnkey solution for managing the full complement for every vessel in your fleet, our scale and global reach means we can offer you flexible and responsive crew management services tailored to suit your needs. Our dedication to safety, customer care, and quality, coupled with access to the industry’s largest network of maritime talent, means that we are trusted the world over as a market leader in crew management services.


With the world’s largest database of certified and competent seafarers,Marine Tankers can meet all your crew supply requirements rapidly, and at scale. With our global network of Crewing Offices, we can access all of the world’s main source markets for seafarer resources, and we routinely supply crew to customer fleets in every maritime segment. Our clients range from international cruise lines, for whom we source hundreds of hotel operations staff each month, to leading cargo and offshore vessel operators and yacht owners to whom we provide individual seafarers for highly specialist roles onboard. All seafarers sourced and supplied by Marine Tankers are fully compliant with mandatory requirements, and rigorously assessed to ensure they are the right fit for your vessels, and their roles onboard. We also provide you with a dedicated relationship manager to ensure your current resourcing needs are fully met, and to help you coordinate future crew supply requirements.


As one of the world’s largest maritime support providers,Marine Tankers know a well trained and supported crew is crucial to effective operations. All our crew services are tailored to your requirements, so we can deliver an unrivalled crew for your vessel – when you need them and wherever you are. With a client portfolio spanning cargo-carrying, specialist offshore and leisure vessels, our crew services cover travel, training, catering as well as maintaining crew health and welfare. As we understand the need for competence, skill and experience in every field, our training and development services ensure all our Marine Tankers colleagues make a critical contribution aboard your ship. We’re also committed to providing quality crew support through a network of preferred partners and professionals in specialised catering, logistics and hospitality related fields. With an unrivalled understanding of the maritime sector, and resources and experience to match, our Marine Tankers travel services ensure we move seafarers seamlessly to destinations all over the world, getting them where they need to be on time, every time.

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Oceanic Catering for a healthy crew

With the wellbeing of your crew given top priority, every menu is approved by certified nutritionists and created to satisfy the appetite and dietary requirements of every multinational crew member on board. Supplying healthy, wholesome and safe meals on a controlled budget might be hard to achieve, but with our procurement resources, you have the opportunity to provide balanced meals with quality ingredients on a predetermined budget, improving the health, welfare, and wellbeing of your crew and offshore workers from day one.


Oceanic Catering for your luxury liner

Catering for guests and VIPs aboard luxury cruise liners and mega yachts requires a different, yet no less meticulous, approach from Oceanic to deliver the best onboard dining experience for every passenger. Creating diverse menus to include a more indulgent, fine dining experience, featuring a wide array of gourmet food options, from light bites to haute cuisine, Oceanic cater for the taste and whim of every guest, together with the hotel management services to go with them.


Training a multinational crew is essential to safe and successful operations, but it can be a complex and time-consuming process. With Ships’ leading blended learning solutions including on board training, shore training, bespoke workshops and elearning, your seafarers will comply with global shipping requirements and regulations.Ships offers ship operators a partnership in maritime training to ensure your seafarers have the skills they need for shipping today and in future.


From serving seafarers on merchant fleets and cargo vessels to ensuring guests aboard cruise liners and luxury yachts enjoy a 5-star dining experience, Oceanic Catering provides a diverse range of services to satisfy and exceed the expectations of seafarers, crew and passengers alike. As part of Marine Tankers, Oceanic Catering are leading suppliers of catering and hospitality services with more than 20 years’ experience across commercial vessels of every sector, together with a wide range of hotel management services for cruise vessels and luxury yachts.

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