Cruise Ship Electronic Door Locks / Cruise Ship Safes. Onity is a leading provider of a host of facility management technologies for the hospitality industry – from electronic locks to in-room safes, minibars and energy management systems. Today, we are recognised worldwide for our powerful combination of innovative thinking and intelligent systems. With over four million e-locks installed around the globe, at Onity we are building lasting client relationships and providing the solutions they need. Thanks to an extensive sales and service network that spans more than 115 countries around the globe, over 250 prestigious cruise ship chains around the world already rely on Onity for their electronic cruise ship solutions.

Ship Sanitation

Ships can transport infected humans and other vectors, such as mosquitoes and rats, between ports and can therefore act as a means of national and international dissemination of disease and disease agents. In order to protect passengers, crew and the public, the focus should be on proactive and preventive measures. For example: the design and construction of the ship should be as failsafe as possible with respect to maintaining a sanitary environment; the food, water and materials taken on board should be as safe as possible; crew should be well trained in ship sanitation and have all the equipment, facilities, materials and capacity necessary to permit the maintenance of a sanitary environment on board; a risk management system should be put in place and maintained to ensure the identification, reporting and mitigation of public health risks.

Pest Control on Vessels

Pest control on vessels is of major importance as pests such as rodents, cockroaches and mosquitoes are linked to the spread of international disease. The Port Health Office may request “Ship Sanitation Certificates (SSCs)” to declare ships free from disease and the vectors of disease according to the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance and the International Health Regulations. All ships on international voyages were required to renew this certificate every six months, and this renewal required all areas of the ship to be inspected. The are of particular importance for the prevention and control of public health risks on board ships on international voyages.

Stored Food Beetles Control

Stored Food Beetles are usually brought into the home in an infested package of food. Initially, infestations are difficult to detect because the insects involved are quite small, especially in the egg and larval stages. The most common insects infesting food in your home are in the insect orders Coleoptera (beetles). Beetle larvae are either grublike and legless or have only three pairs of legs, all located close to the head. Both larvae and adults of beetles feed on foodstuffs.

Bacteria Identification Test

Identifies the types of bacteria by taming samples on indoor surfaces where the growth of particular microorganism(s) is suspected.

House Dust Mite Test

Determines the level of contamination of house dust mites on home textiles (e.g. mattresses, sofas & carpets etc.)

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