When you want an expert opinion. Through site surveys we provide our customers with a summary of the status of systems and equipment, and recommended actions. This ensures that necessary resources and parts are made available on time for maintenance work.


With Marine Academy training, operators become more proactive in operating and maintaining equipment, which results in increased availability and less downtime. Course participants can visit Marine Tankers factories or workshops and get answers from the engineers who designed the equipment and systems themselves.

Ship Management


Quality training supports the crew toward safe operations, with ability to get the most of the equipment in all situations.



Marine Academy training for Marine Tankers equipment allows the highest operational performance leading towards more efficient and sustainable operations.



Knowledge is power; with customized courses from Marine Academy your crew reaches most safe, efficient and sustainable operations.


Quick response time: We appreciate that our customers need their vessels to operate continuously. With a range of services developed to provide immediate support in technical incidents, we can ensure our customers can continue their operations uninterrupted.

Lifecycle management: We understand that the success of our customers depends on safe and reliable operations. With customised services to help you analyze, optimize and extend the life of your vessel or fleet, we deliver you safety and availability through optimal lifecycle management.

Energy efficiency: We help your passenger, offshore and cargo vessels to save fuel, creating more space on board and improve maneuverability by offering pioneering solutions. Choosing our innovative energy efficient solutions gives you a competitive edge.

Underwater Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs

Africa- Djibouti – Djibouti city port

U/W ship’s Maintenance Underwater inspection ( IACS ) U/W Inspections
Underwater video ( CCTV video camera ) Underwater photos Underwater hull cleaning
U/W hull cleaning Underwater fitting and replacement of anodes ( Anodes Replacement ) Underwater ultrasonic thickness measurements
Underwater waterproofing services Underwater propeller repairs Underwater propeller cropping
Underwater propeller polishing U/W Propeller Polishing Underwater rebalancing
Underwater search and recovery of lost anchor Underwater welding Underwater overhead welding
UW overhead welding Underwater vertical welding Underwater welding approved by Lloyd’s register
Underwater technical works for port facilities Underwater fitting anodes – Underwater replacement anodes U/W search and recovery anchor chain
U/W sea chests cleaning – underwater sea chests grating cleaning U/W sea chest grating cleaning Underwater maintenance bow thrusters
In-water survey ( In water surveys ) Underwater clearance measurements U/W Measurements
U/W Tail-Shaft Measurements Underwater survey of underwater constructions – Underwater survey of coastal structures In-water class survey – U/W Survey In – Lieu of Dry Docking ( UWILD )
U/W Tail-Shaft Measurements Underwater cutting Underwater repairs ( U/W Repairs )
U/W Tail-Shaft Measurements U/W Rudder Inspection Door Replacement Underwater propeller cutting
Underwater rudders repair U/W Rudder Pintle Measurements U/W replacement rope-cutter
Underwater repair bow thrusters Underwater technical works Underwater technical works for port facilities
Underwater cables installation UWILD Under water CCTV inspections
Hull coating inspection Under water services Under water ship repairs
Under water inspections Underwater services Underwater ship repair
Underwater inspections Hull surveys Dry dock inspection

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